Make Your Mark

What's your life's purpose? What are you in business for? There are a number of reasons that people start a business. Some people are focused on making profit.. and some are focused on making a difference. There are other companies that are focused on both. A very high percentage of businesses fail each year from a number of factors such as building clientele, maintaining cash flows in order to stay afloat, lack of experience, lack of vendors, lack of enough products to get large discounts, lack of human resources, lack of management experience, lack of technology, lack of effective target marketing, lack of strategic planning, improper market research, inadequate insurance, and so on and so forth.

The ODDS are stacked AGAINST you - so what are you going to do about it?

FLiP Creative Consulting is a "NEXT LEVEL" organization designed to help you in the areas you need help - and at the time you need it. We can help with the heavy lifting and planning activities so that you can focus on bringing in clients and paying your obligations. When you decide to partner with us, you are not just bringing on one team member - you are bringing on all of the experience and contacts of all of our COLLECTIVE professional acumen - and we have quite the network of talent. What are you waiting for.. it's time to make the move. #MoveToFLiP

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Areas of Expertise


Having an eye catching advertisement is meaningless if it fails to communicate your message to your target audience. Here at FLiP we have experts with years of experience that will help you effectively communicate with your audience and make sure you get a solid return on investment.


Our goal is to help businesses utilize and optimize all of their resources. The essence of consulting is NOT merely providing solutions, it is taking the time to make sure the right questions are being asked. Here at FLiP, we pride ourselves in finding those questions.


FLiP understands the entrepreneurial spirit and focuses on protecting your legacy and your bottom line. Our business resource optimization strategies encompass all vital aspects of your business and give you the best tools for the best results.