This is a term that has become more prominent in recent years. But what is it exactly? Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a business' actions to gauge and take responsibility for their effects on the local environment and social space.

A good CSR program will provide your business with value and brand integrity. Here at FLiP we value being a responsible business. That's why we will get you the right expert that will craft the best CSR program to hit all the main points. Which are:

- Improvement for the social space, people and communities you engage with
- Positive advancements in your local environment
- A responsible way of doing business

If you're ready to improve your corporate social responsibility game, then it's time to move. #MoveToFLiP

Meet Sandy Woodruff

My motto is to be strategic, diverse, and to never stop reinventing myself.

I exude tremendous passion for communication and marketing by displaying my natural and developed skill set across contexts. I firmly believe that in a world where advertising messages are everywhere, people will always be the best medium to influence decision.

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