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Health Insurance premiums are on the rise, and becoming ever more complicated. Copays, co-insurance, deductibles, prescription plans, networks, HMO's, PPO's, HSA's, and so on. In order to decrease your monthly premiums, you are limited to either reduce the benefits or increase the amount the employee pays out of pocket. What is the right mixture from the insurance provider, to the type of plans you offer, to the network you offer it through? How much should you contribute? How can you leverage the other employee benefits so that you aren’t over paying for no good reason? These are all answers that we can uncover by bringing you the best health insurance expert we can find. If you want to improve your situation… it’s time to make a move. #MoveToFlip

Scotty Carlisle

Founder of FLiP Creative Consulting, has been in the insurance and financial services business since March of 2002. After Graduating from Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor Degree in Logistics, he became a Logistics Management Trainee for Ferguson Enterprises – and then decided the logistics of financial planning was a more exciting direction to go. Since then, he has acquired many diverse licenses that have given him a unique educational and experiential advantage to most financial advisers around.
He earned a Master Degree in Science, Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the University of Southern California in 2015. As an entrepreneur, he has created several companies from scratch. Financial services have been the staple that has allowed him successes when challenges arose. As Chief Operations Officer of AES, a major experiential marketing organization – Scotty had first hand experience handling the financial and marketing needs of Chrysler, Subaru, Toyota, Skype, and Microsoft to name a few. Scotty managed every aspect of the organization from Logistics, Payroll, Accounting, Administration, Company Benefits, Group Health, Workers Compensation, Liability Insurance, and even data collection and Promotional Staff employment. The experiences as a decision maker in this organization has given him first hand knowledge of the challenges that small business owners face today.
As founder of the My Unsung Hero Foundation, he understands what it means to give back, and does so quite regularly.

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