Your company is made up of two basic components: assets and liabilities. There is only one item that can be the largest benefit - or detriment, on both sides: human capital. Your human capital can either make or break your company in a variety of ways. It defines your company culture which in turn defines your success level. Happy employees are loyal, more productive, less likely to get hurt on the job, and can even be the best advocates to bring in new customers. Human Resources is the ongoing implementation and development of practices and procedures to manage every aspect of human capital, from recruiting new staff, labor law procedures, training and development, job safety, and even employee relations. You can outsource or utilize some valuable tools available to give your HR professional what it takes to make a difference in your employees' life - so they can make a difference on the life of the business. If you want to explore the possibilities, it's time to make a move. #MoveToFLiP


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