People pay insurance premiums for a myriad of reasons, but at the heart of their spending - people want to make sure that the things they love most are PROTECTED in the case of a catastrophic event. There are so many types of policies that most people shy away from the conversation - and insurance agents have a hard time shaking the negative stigma associated with selling insurance products.
At FLiP Creative Consulting, we are connected with some of the smartest experts around - that understand the importance of insurance, and also the importance of customizing the coverage's to suit your particular needs. There is a fine line between paying too much and making sure all the bases are covered. Some considerations you'll need to think about are: type of coverage, company history, amount of premiums, and how the policies pay when you need it most. If you have ANY insurance needs, it's time to make a move. #MoveToFLiP


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