Did you get hurt in an accident? On the job? Did a loved one pass away because of the negligence or actions of another? What are your options? How do you pick the attorney that is most knowledgeable and prepared for your specific situation? Let FLiP Creative Consulting help find you the attorney that fits you. Considerations we explore are the solvency of the attorney (high cash solvency indicates the attorney has the ability to fight on your behalf as long as it takes), the time practicing law in that field, and past case performance. If you are searching for answers, the right attorney makes all the difference. It's time to make the move. #MoveToFLiP

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Jun 08, 2017 @ 8:42pm


Should I “buy term insurance and invest the difference”?

The best answer to this age old question is…. “maybe”. I hear these type of phrases often, but the fact of the matter is that statement is too generic for…

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