What do your dreams for retirement look like? Are you there already - and are you doing what you thought you would? There are many misconceptions about what retirement looks like and what it takes to stay at the same level of financial freedom.
You are still going to be the same person in retirement as you are today - you'll still want to remodel and update your home, travel, pursue your interests, go out for dinner and a movie, drive a nice car, feed and take care of your pets, support your kids (in several ways), spend time and money on your grand kids, buy groceries, cover insurance premiums, and maybe even start another business.
Now you'll have more time on your hands to spend on all of these activities - that cost money. It's usually at this stage of life that people begin to think about major medical costs that are associated with the last years of life. By then, time will not be on your side, and then you will truly understand the VALUE of planning.
Will you be covered properly? What are the chances you will outlive your income? Will you be able to afford all of the activities you experience today? If you already have that figured out, you are one of the very few. If you think it's better to plan for tomorrow, today - and you also believe that the QUALITY of the expert can impact the QUANTITY of resources in retirement, then it's time to make a move. #MoveToFLiP

Meet Harley Hunter

1. As “Financial Swing Coaches”, we educate, teach and show our clients that the velocity and efficiency of money has a greater impact on their ability to accumulate, distribute and preserve their wealth than finding better investments with higher rates of return because we are able to reduce taxes, avoid or mitigate losses, reduce risk and “find” money they are transferring away unknowingly and unnecessarily.
2. President - Global Strategies Group Ltd. Coordinate, manage, administrate, and supervise all the day-to-day activities of Global Strategies worldwide, principally in the area of personal, estate, business, tax, asset protection, Special Needs, and heritage/legacy (charitable) planning with a unique special emphasis since 2008 after reacquiring Global Strategies Group Ltd. – see
3. Problem solving and the implementation of procedures to prevent their reoccurrence. Coordination of all financial disciplines (business, legal, accounting, tax, asset protection, financial products and services) in order to maximize the efficient use of one's business and personal income and assets. Client incomes and net worth's typically exceed $250,000 per year and $1.5 million (or more) respectively.
4. Extensive analysis of client’s personal and business affairs so as to originate and implement specific and detailed structures for the accomplishment of a client’s needs and objectives, including the reduction of income, capital gain, and estate taxes where possible, while maximizing one’s asset and income protection and charitable flexibility.
5. Bringing substantial value to C-Corps and Non-Profits with a unique tax efficient financial concept that converts cash flow expenses for key employees’ bonuses and other employee benefits to an ever increasing asset on the company balance sheet. Simultaneously, it attracts and retains key employees with multi-faceted benefits that are never taxable to the employees (even at distribution) while bringing substantial new money to the table with 3:1 leverage for the key employee. This further saves the company additional FICA costs. End result, more tax free benefits for employer and employee at a lower cost than any other retirement vehicle available and retains key employees better and longer than any other fringe benefit!
6. Establish discriminatory (selective) fringe benefit programs for business owners and selected key employees free of the cumbersome ERISA restrictions and limitations and costly administration so as to provide asset protection and maximize non-taxable cash flow at some future point.

1967-1970 Financial Service Corporation of America - Regional Manager
1966-1967 Registered Funds, Inc. - Regional Manager
1963-1966 U.S. Marine Corps - Officer, active duty
1960-1963 U.S. Marine Corps - Enlisted, Reserves
1958-1963 St. Lawrence University, Canton, New York

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