In many contexts, the word “consulting”  is just a better word than “unemployed”.  The word is over used and underestimated.  FLiP Creative Consulting takes this word seriously, and we have staked our reputation on the idea that consulting is valuable, relevant, helpful, and even necessary.  There are consulting companies out there that take a very specific discipline, like operations for example, and devote all of their resources to being the best at operations – other companies focus on technology, others still on strategy, etc.  

FLiP takes pride in devoting our resources into helping you take a moment and DREAM – and then we get behind you and help you to MAKE IT HAPPEN.  We have talented and brilliant individuals that have dedicated their lives to helping others, and they are looking for a place to apply their life long insights to impact the right company.  We have many TOOLS and TALENTS in the areas of finance, operations, strategy, accounting and book keeping, administration, and even corporate social responsibility.  The value of hiring our team rests in the notion that you can free time to focus on what you do best, and we can set aside the time to do things that you usually don’t have time for – focused observation and then “ideation”.  Our FOCUS is in asking the RIGHT questions well before trying to find the right solutions.  If you have attained everything you’ve attempted – we’re not for you.  If you are trying to take it to the next level, then it’s time make a move.  #MoveToFLiP